Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Free Oil Painting How-To Video Tutorials

Shadows in Oils by Dick Ensing - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

Do you want to learn about painting with oil paints? Are you just starting a new hobby, or are you already a pro? Either way, here’s a free and easy way to take any and all of more than a hundred different oil painting lessons by expert instructors.

You can pick and choose the lessons you're interested in and concentrate on the ones that will help you improve your painting skills. You can watch them whenever you want and on whatever computer or tablet you have. Most of the lessons take just a few minutes, so you can watch them in your spare time.
Greying Out Color by Mike Rooney - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

The video tutorials cover just about anything you need to know. There are videos on how to set up an oil painting pallet, how to create and use an underpainting, color theory and color mixing, how to brighten or grey down the colors on your canvas pallet, and which techniques to use to your advantage. Demonstrations show you how to paint flowers, trees, sunsets, skies, snow, fruit, rocks and much more. There are paint-along videos on a variety of topics and specific lessons on landscapes, seascapes, portraits and still life paintings. 

Getting Loose with Sunflowers byNicole Kennedy - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

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