About This Site

Hello. Thank you for visiting.

I'm Don Berg. This is my blog, hosted by Google's eBlogger service. I'm using posts here to bookmark interesting photo, drawing, craft and painting lessons, how-to videos, eBooks, products, services and supplies. After forty years of working as an architect, I'm slowing down and hoping to learn how to create stuff to hang on walls.

Marketers of some of the products and services that I mention provide fees or free samples. Those are labeled as "Sponsors" and are greatly appreciated for supporting this blog and me.

Other products, services, books, web sites and guides are listed and reviewed on this site, for free, at my discretion, in the hope that information about them is useful to all. Listings on this blog are not endorsements of any web sites, products, lessons, demonstrations, books, advice or plans. They are simply expressions of my opinions, which are sometimes wrong.

So, for what it's worth, I hope that something that you find amid my babbling and dabbling is of some help to you.


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