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There are photo editing programs and online services that help fine photographers fine tune their fine photographs. is different. It's for the rest of us, and it just might be the best place to quickly and easily improve our everyday snapshots.

Editing Tools:  Resize, crop and rotate your photos. The rotation tool allows you to straighten your shots in small increments. So, it's no problem if you aimed at the horizon from a rocking boat or took that near-perfect photo while you were tripping.

Exposure Fixes:  Mouse over the tool symbols on the left side of Phixr's editing screen. Find the tool that says "Brightness, saturation, contrast, hue..." Try all of the different slide bars and watch what they do to your photo. The "Exposure" and "Vibrance" controls can bring new life to dull photographs.

Special Effects:  Add text and frames to your photos, or drop your friends and family into silly scenes. Choose from a bunch of preset color effects too. You can play with the effects and try them before you apply them to your photo.

Instructions:  1. Hit the "Start" button, then read and accept Phixr's Terms and Conditions. 2. Upload to a photo from your computer or from a disk, or get one from the Internet. 3. If your photo's file size is too big, allow Phixr to reduce it to a size that they can handle. 4. Play around with all of the different tools on the left side of the editing screen. Don't worry about ruining your photo. You can always use the handy "Undo" arrow. Your original is always safe on your computer. 5. When you're happy with your photo, Scroll down the edit screen to find the tab that allows you to save and download it. Make sure to give the edited photograph a new name so that you don't overwrite your original. 6. Fix another photo.'s editor is free to use.

Test Photo:  Lake Louise, in Alberta, Canada is stunning, even on a dull and cloudy day. But my point-and-shoot snapshot didn't do it justice. I used Phixr's tools to make the horizon horizontal, to brighten the day, and to bring out the colors of the water and the sky.

Notes:  For quick fixes of over-exposed, under-exposed or tilted snapshots, is the place to go.

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