Thursday, September 26, 2013

Free Online Photo Editor

Edit your photo with some of the special effects available at FreeOnlinePhoto
Here's an easy-to-use online photo editor that offers both basic photo touch-up tools and some interesting special effects. This simple solution can save time and expense when compared with professional-level photo editing programs.

Editing Tools:  Resize, Crop, Change Orientation

Effects:  Enhance photos. Change brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth. Sharpen photos. Reduce redeye in portraits, then whiten teeth and remove blemishes. Use brushes and drawing tools for touch-ups. Select from a variety of preset effects

Special Effects:  Add Text, Frames and silly Stickers. Use the Splash Tool to pop colors from monochromatic pictures. Use the Focus Tool to accent any one area of your shot.

Instructions:  1. Hit the "Upload" button to get a JPG photo from your computer or from a disk. 2. Click on the "Edit Photo" button. 3. Play around with all of the different controls and tools on the photo editor's top tool bar, and make sure to use the left and right arrows to find more effects. Don't worry about ruining your photo. You can always choose to cancel your last edit. And your original is always safe on your computer.  4. Save your photo when you're happy with it. Then hit the "Download" button to save it to your computer's file. Make sure to give the edited photograph a new name so that you don't overwrite your original. 5. Try another photo. Why not? Photo Zoe is free and it's fun.

Test Photo:  I cropped a photo of a single rose to add a bit of drama. I enhanced it for more contrast, used the Focus Tool to highlight the blossom and then tried the cool Splash Tool to get color on that rose alone. The Text Tool let me sign the photo, but I could have added any text in any of a variety of sizes, colors and fonts.

The final, edited photograph sure isn't an improvement over nature. But, it did give me a chance to try out many of the quick and easy-to-use features on's free photo editor

Notes:  Photo Zoe's online editor, powered by Aviary, is easy to use and doesn't require a setup or registration. Uploading photos and saving your edits are both a snap. Downloading to save your edited photos to your computer, or to a disk, is a bit confusing. That process varies with your hardware and software, so I can't be of much help to you about it. But, try it, you'll find a way that works for you.

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