Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Picadilo's Free Online Photo Editor

Here's a new, quick and easy online photo editor that offers a full array of options, special effects and an extensive selection of portrait touch-up tools.

Basic Editing Tools:  Resize, crop, flip and rotate your photo. Change the brightness and contrast. Change the hue and color saturation.

Effects:  Select from dozens of effects to create a mosaic, boost colors, burn and dodge photos, posterize or pixelate your shot or turn it into a mosaic. Try different focal effects, monotones and presets. Add vibrancy. Use the Draw tools to add colors and details or erase them again.

Portrait Touch-Ups:  Remove redeye. Brighten eyes and teeth. Add a suntan, lipstick or eye shadow. Remove blemishes, shine, wrinkles, or even a few pounds.

Text, Textures and Frames:  Picadilo makes adding custom text easy and offers a nice selection of different, one-click photo frames and textures.

Instructions:  1. Hit the "Start" button and then "Add Photo from a Disk" to get a JPG photo from your computer or from a disk. Or, click to get a photo from Facebook. 2. Mouse over the tool symbols on the left side of the edit screen and choose the tools you want to try. 3. Click on any tool, or play around with all of the different controls. Don't worry about ruining your photo. You can always use the undo arrow at the top right of the screen. 4. Save your photo when you're happy with it, by clicking on the check mark at the top left of the screen. Make sure to give the edited photograph a new name so that you don't overwrite your original. 5. Try more photos and more effects. Picadilo is free, easy and fun to use.

Test Photo:  I cropped a snapshot of my grandson Gabriel. I used the portrait retouch tools to reduce redeye and baby rashes. I brightened Gabe's eyes a bit. Then, I went to the Effects section and focused on his face, faded the background and dogged out gray background areas. Everything was a snap.

The final, edited photograph could have been better if I had invested more time. But, I did enough to learn that Picadilo.com is the place to go if I really want to improve a photo portrait.

Notes:  Picadilo's online editor, is quick and efficient and doesn't require a setup or registration. Downloading edited photos to your computer, or to a disk is as easy as can be. Give it a try. I think that you'll enjoy it.

Edit Your Photos at Picadilo.com >>>

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