Monday, October 7, 2013

Free Color Theory Video Tutorials for Artists and the Rest of Us

Color Intensity by Dick Ensing - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

Improve your skills at painting, pastels, colored pencil drawings, photography and even home decorating.  Free color theory video lessons from Jerry’s Artarama can show you how to use color for the best results in all of your work. Get to understand color theory, the color wheel, the use of complementary colors, how to set up a palette, and how to mix colors.  You can pick and choose the lessons you're interested in and watch them whenever you want and on whatever computer or tablet you have. Most of the lessons take just a few minutes, so you can watch and learn in your spare time.

Basic Palette Skills by Mike Rooney - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

Color Mixing Techniques by Nicole White Kennedy - View this video at Jerry's Artarama

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