Thursday, September 19, 2013

Edit Your Photos and Add Special Effects for Free at

Edit Your Photos Online, for Free - Just click to to improve any and all of your photographs and snapshots. Straighten them,  sharpen them, crop them, adjust their exposures and add special effects, animations and more.
You can touch-up any of your digital snapshots at Straighten them,  sharpen them, crop them, adjust their exposures and more. But, you don't have to stop there. LunaPic offers an amazing assortment of interesting, free special effects and animations that you can apply to your photos with just a click or two.

Edit Tools:  Resize, crop, change the orientation of your photo. Check out the "Skew Image" tool if you just have to change the angle of your shot a little bit.

Draw Tools:  Add text, borders, frames, shadows and gradients. Fix blemishes on portraits and even do a little cosmetic surgery. Create mosaic and stained glass effects. Try the custom drawing and painting tools.

Adjustments:  Change exposure, contrast, sharpness, color saturation and more. Adjust skin tones. Reduce redeye. Change lighting effects. Create a sepia or black and white monotone of your photo.

Effects:  Apply all types of artistic and playful effects to your photo. Create photo paintings and drawings in a variety of styles. Give yourself plenty of time to experiment.

Instructions:  1. Click on the "Browse" button to upload a photo from your computer or from a disk. Or, use the URL of any photo on your web site or blog. 2. Mouse over the tool symbols on the left side of the edit screen. Or, use the drop-down menus on the top bar to find the tools and effects you need. 3. Try all of the adjustments, tools and controls. You're sure to find some that you'll use again and again to improve your shots. Don't worry about ruining your photo. You can always choose to undo your last edit. Your original is always safe on your computer.  4. When you're happy with the changes to your photo, hit the "Save To" link near the bottom of the edit screen. Choose to save to your computer or to a social media site. Make sure to give the edited photograph a new name so that you don't overwrite your original. 5. Try another photo. LunaPic is free and it's a lot of fun to use.

Test Photo:  I took a dull snapshot of some wild daisies and tried to make it more interesting. The shot was tilted and the trees in the background were leaning, so I skewed and cropped the image. Then, I brightened it and added a bit more color saturation. I experimented with a bunch of different artsy effects and settled on something that's called "Surreal Painting."

The final, edited photograph isn't a keeper. But, it did let me test some of the free tools and effects that are available at

Notes:  LunaPic's online editor is free, easy to use, and doesn't require a setup or registration. It's little or no trouble to try and a lot of fun to experiment. To learn more, check out the free tutorials and how-to videos at

Edit Your Photos and Add Effects at >>>


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