Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Have Fun With Your Photos at jpgFUN.com

Free, Online Photo Effects - Drop your favorite photo into any of 200 different free scenes at jpgFUN.
Photo Drop-In Effects at jpgFUN.com
Drop your favorite photos into any of over 200 free photo frames and backgrounds. Put faces on magazine covers, billboards, cards and on museum walls. Place yourself, or anyone else in a photo with one of your favorite celebrities. It all just takes a click or two at jpgFUN.

Instructions:  1. Go to jpgFUN.com and scroll down to select the effect that you want to try. 2. Click on the effect and then upload a photo from your computer, camera or disk by clicking on the "Browse" button. 3. Adjust the box on the screen to crop your photo. 4. Click on the "Create Image" button. 5. Save your photo by giving it a Title, Tags and a Description. 6. Try another photo. Try different effects. They are all free and as easy as the first one.

Test Photos:  I played around with a snapshot that I took of my one-year-old grandson Gabriel. I liked the fact that he looked as confused as I felt when I first went to jpgFUN.com. But, as soon as I tried one effect, I learned just how easy it was to use their service.

Notes:  Although creating drop-in photos on jpgFUN is simple, downloading them to your own computer is not. Hit the "Save Image" button and your creation will be posted to an online gallery and to your own collection of saved photos on jpgFUN.com. You can share your photo, easily, on social media sites, or email it to anyone. However, if you try to download it, you'll run into a bunch of ads for other services that don't have anything to do with downloading your photo.

Your best bet is to open the photo you created by clicking on it from one of the galleries. Then, use your mouse or laptop controls to save the image to a file on your computer or on a disk. Or, you can copy the photo and paste it into your file.

As always with photo editors, make sure to give your new photo a different name than your source photograph, so you don't overwrite your original.

Caution:  jpgFUN.com doesn't control the images that people post to their Gallery. A few are not suitable for children, or anyone else. Avoid the Gallery to be safe.

Have fun with your photos at jpgFUN.com >>>

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